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Top Malaysia Online Casino Game Allbet Review

Allbet Gaming is a reputable Top Malaysia Online Casino platform that comes under the PAGCOR. Plus, MGA and the UK Gambling Commission have endorsed Allbet Gaming Services. Being a popular online gambling platform, every day it attracts many global players to join the platform. However, it’s a must to do proper research before one starts playing on Allbet.

Allbet Casino Game Section Review

Allbet’s online casino gaming dashboard contains all types of the latest and trendy casino games to suit the player’s taste.  

Allbet Website and Mobile Platform:


Allbet casino games are available for both web and mobile platforms. It makes the online betting process more real with the live studio with the dealers playing directly with the players. When the player chooses the dealer the details of the dealers such as the name, image, and other required details will be displayed. When using the website the player can also know the number of punters, the value of chips, stage, time, and bets. With multi-seat features, the player can select a specific location. The user can also enjoy the same features with the mobile platform without downloading the game. Just logging in is enough to start the play. 

27/7 Live Hall Game:

All Bet Lobby

Hall games offer a warm and comfortable gaming environment. Being one of the top live casino Malaysia platforms it operates five separate live streaming game halls:

  • Dragon Hall

  • VIP Hall

  • BidMe Hall

  • Multi-play Hall

  • Speed Hall

Each of these comes with specific functions & features to satisfy global patrons. So, players can tune in anytime and start playing!

Live Baccarat:

Live Baccarat is an exciting live dealer game for fast gamblers. The game rules are pretty simple. It is played with eight decks of cards which are re-shuffled after each hand. The cards i.e. king, queen, and jack offer zero value. The player bets on the probable outcome and gets the results within 30 seconds.

Sicbo Game:

Sicbo is a perfect game of luck with 50% winning chances. The player wins or loses based on the predictions made for each dice roll. These are the Sicbo online game categories on Allbet.

  • Two dice combination

  • Big or small set

  • Odd or even game

  • Triple game

On Allbet, players can join Live Sicbo games in which three dice are rolled out in a transparent container. If the player guesses the correct outcome, he enjoys a decent profit.


Roulette is a very popular online casino game. It uses multiple spinning wheels with different pockets which makes it harder for the player to guess the correct outcome. So, the player must place the bets on the perfect number sequence to win the game.

Suitable Payment Methods on Allbet:

Online Casino Malaysia Payment Methods

Allbet gaming platform allows the players to deposit or withdraw funds anytime they want. With different payment options available it is easy for the players to make transactions of their choice. 

  • How to make a deposit: Allbet Gaming supports real funding on different payment platforms. Their customer support unit helps the players to deposit via online bank transfer. Once the player provides the payment transfer receipt, the funds get credited to the account for use.

  • How to withdraw funds: Players can withdraw their winning money through the same process as making a deposit. Once the money gets transferred to the player’s bank account, it takes four to seven business days to reflect.


The number of transactions you can make in a day on Allbet is limited. So, be considerate about it. It is important to check the terms and conditions before making the deposit and withdrawal. This will give a clear idea of the transaction process. 

Bonuses and Promotions to Enjoy:

Malaysia Online Casino Bonus

Allbet Online Casino offers lucrative bonuses and promotional offers from time to time to attract more patrons. Here players get the following offers:

  • Welcome Bonus: Once the player joins the platform, the player gets a handsome amount as the welcome bonus.

  • Reload Bonus: Enjoy a 5% reload bonus daily after depositing with a 1% cash rebate.

  • Cash Rebate: Participate in live dealer games to enjoy great cash rebate bonuses.


Plus, a regular player on Allbet enjoys other exciting bonus offers, depending on the game. Do check the promotions page for the promotion of the day. This not only helps you to know about the offer of the day but also will help you to avoid unwanted confusion.


Allbet has good protection standards, which prioritizes the privacy of the clients. With data protection as the priority, all the data provided by the players are encrypted. 

Pros To Play On Allbet:


  • Live Chat: On Allbet real-time casino games, players can chat with the dealer and other players via the “Live Chat” feature. Plus, players can customize the tables through live chat.

  • Portable Gameplay: The Top Malaysia Online Casino platform Allbet runs smoothly on all types of devices, i.e. laptops, tablets, PCs, and mobiles. So, players across the globe can play anytime from anywhere.

  • No-Glitch Streaming Technology: Allbet gaming platform runs on cutting-edge technology with HD quality visuals and advanced graphics effects. Players can enjoy glitch-free and smooth running gameplay.

Cons of Allbet Online Casino Gaming:

  • Gameplay rules are different: The gameplay rules of Allbet casino games are a bit different from other casino platforms. So, it’s a must for the players to go through the gaming guidelines beforehand.

  • Limited gaming variety: The games that Allbet offers are significantly limited. However, Allbet offers only the most prevalent casino games which meet the demands of the players.

Final Thoughts:

Undoubtedly, Allbet Gaming is a reliable and reputable online casino platform. Players can have real fun while participating in live dealer games. The gaming section of Allbet Gaming is pretty amazing, bringing the best games for the players. No matter where the player lives, he can easily download Allbet on the PC or Smartphone. The software runs glitch-free on any device. With a speedy internet connection, players can win in real-time and enjoy!

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